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Monday, 12 March 2012

Meeting Sean Kelly 1987 - Sean cycles past my house

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After my 1985 initial meeting with Sean I knew I needed to see him race again. Magazine coverage wasn't enough and TV coverage was very limited, I think Channel 4 had only started to cover the Tour in 1986, prior to that you had to make do with a 30 second round-up by Dickie Davies on World of Sport.

So in 1987 I couldn't believe my luck when I found out that Sean was riding the Kelloggs Tour of Britain. Better still the route went literally past my house. Well it was close by, ok it was 30 miles away but I was fit back then and thought nothing of cycling over to see them whizz past.

And whizz past they did. Fortunately for me, Sean was not one for hiding in the bunch and went on the attack literally for my own viewing. So I got a photo.

It wasn't enough though, I needed to meet the great man and wouldn't rest until I did.


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